Sunday, August 10, 2008


I like these mini bananas (not sure of their real name):

But I can't help thinking of these guys when I get them:

Btw, did you know there really is such a thing as the Banana Spider? Be careful if you see one lurking in your bananas. They're not friendly fellas.

"These spiders are aggressive and very venomous and not intimidated by size (can attack people when threatened)."

Hmmm. Reminds me of a certain feline I know.


Anonymous said...

Those are plantains

ChiTown Girl said...

No, actually they're not. Plantains are much bigger than regular bananas, and stay green. Those ARE baby bananas, also known as Oritos, Lady Fingers and Manzanos. They ripen and turn yellow (and then eventually brown) just like regular bananas, and are similar in taste, perhaps slightly sweeter.

suz said...

I love bananas.
I HATE spiders. Just seeing the picture of them makes me cringe.
Thanks for ruining my banana relationship.

amanda said...

Poor Chumley, he must be feeling better if you are referring to him as ferocious and mean...