Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A whole lotta moanin' going on-

-and it's not the good kind.

Tom and I both contracted an upper respiratory virus, complete with ear infections and excess fluids.


We're both sitting on our respective couches in the family room, watching American Idol, with laptops on our lap (me- doing this, he- checking out replacement parts for our dryer that just stopped working) and every few moments one of us lets out a loud "Oooooohhhhh" or a nasally "Ehhhhhhhnnn."

Speaking of Idol:

Jason Castro- AMAZING!!! Loved his rendition of Over the Rainbow. He blew the rest of the Idols away. Though I wasn't a big fan of the skin tight pants. He looked a little unusual on stage with the tight pants and ukulele. But his voice was phenomenal.

Kristi Lee Cook- I didn't think she was that bad. Her vocals were strong tonight.

Syesha Mercado- Should have picked a different song. Can't compete with Fantasia (or Whitney for that matter!) She'll be in the bottom 3. Or is it 2 now?

David Cook- song choice: STOOOOOPID and you could barely hear his vocals. Was annoyed throughout his entire performance.

David Archuleta- Does he have some issues? I don't mean to be "un-PC" but I think he's on medication for some type of something.

Brooke White- seemed very unnatural and awkward when she sang. I thought she sang well but she just seemed very uncomfortable tonight. Maybe she has her period.

Carly Smithson- Buh-bye. You will be voted off tomorrow.

Ok back to moanin'.

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