Thursday, April 17, 2008


I crunched another one of these guys on our morning walk! I feel TERRIBLE. And the really sad thing is that this little guy was just a few feet away so SO HELP ME GOD if I just slaughtered his mother in plain snail sight - I deserve to be squashed like a grape too. I am now a serial snail killer.

While on our walk Wrigs starts his usual poo walk (sniffs the ground with a hunched back, tail between legs) and then plops himself down on this hill that overlooks the lake. (It's a popular poo spot among the canines). His last few poops have been sort of Milk Dud-like, not very long and firm so today he unloads a giant sized log that looks very healthy and solid. As I bend down to pick it up I say, "Beautiful Poo Wrigley. That's a beautiful poo!" (ok quite honestly, I say this all the time) and as I stand up there's a nice looking older gentleman coming down the hill who smiles and says, "Good Morning." I smile back and say the same but I'm 100% certain he heard me talking about this beautiful mound of shit I'm now carrying in my hand. As Wrigs and I walk away I say (to Wrigs) "You're such a beautiful boo-oy" (purposely trying to make boy sound somewhat similar to poo which really isn't possible) so I ended up sounding like a verbally challenged adult.

Oh well, that's what I get for killing snails.


karengberger said...

I tried to leave a comment on your "McDonald's" posting, but it didn't work. I always read in the bathroom, and I read when putting on and taking off makeup, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, etc. I don't know if that qualifies as ADD, but I get so bored with the repetitive and mundane chores, and TV is not helpful, so I read to better tolerate the boredom. I know this goes against all of the "be here now" wisdom, but oh, well.

Thank you for commenting on my postings and for caring about Katie (and me). That one photo has touched people profoundly. I think the photographer ( have caught the moment at a deep level. I've known him since 8th grade, and he knew Katie pretty well, and I think we just relaxed completely with him. He does alot of work with sick kids, volunteering for Camp Goodtimes and with families in the hospital. He also does fantastic wedding & family photography. Anyway, I love that photo, and it makes me happy that you like it, too.

Anonymous said...

U and Wrigs both with the pooh problems.

Smileygirl said...


OMG I am the same way when it comes to reading. Ok, the worst part about reading while doing these other things is having to remove your eye makeup because for at least a minute you have to shut your eyes. I hate when I have to do that and stop reading. Then I try to pre-maturely open my eyes while hovering over my book and water and make up remnants drip onto the pages of my book. Do you also keep at least one book in your car in case you're stuck in a traffic jam?

That's incredible that the photographer was also a good friend of yours and it explains the look of peace and comfort for both you and Katie. I can only imagine your reaction when you saw that photo among all the proofs.