Sunday, April 27, 2008

They're baaaaack

Because of the way our demented cat chooses to eat his food, we end up getting ants. The pics below are not of the actual ants but of the food that Chumley scoops out of his bowl and scatters across the countertops thus attracting ants from the windowsill in warm weather. I have to obsessive-compulsively swipe down the counter every couple of hours in order to keep the ants at bay. And as soon as I'm down swiping, Chumley's right back there scooping.

Below is an old pic that was taken the day after we put our house on the market in Minnesota. Tom got the call to come out west, and within days the house was up for sale. As soon as that sale sign was staked in the yard, we were not welcomed with potential buyers, but an infestation of GIANT black carpenter ants. And they were headed straight for Chum's food bowl. Here's a pic of one of the bastards carrying a kernel of Chum's food across the kitchen floor back to the queen who was living under our 3 season porch and was supposedly the size of my shoe. (click on the pic to enlarge...if you dare)

I imagine once they returned to the queen's palace the conversation went something like this. These ants were everywhere and needless to say our house did not sell. We ended up taking a buy out from Tom's company after 6 months.

Since there are no plans for us to move anytime soon, we're stuck using ant traps. Grants traps seem to work the best in case anyone else is having issues.


Stephanie said...

Last year, early Summer, I had class at 12:30. I left an empty glass that had held juice on the counter. Other than that everything was clean. I came home around 5, and there were probably 1,000 little tiny ants making their way from my balcony door, into the kitchen, up the white cabinets, onto the counter, and in and around the glass. 1,000!!! Maybe more! I immediately ran to the Ralph's in the town center in our neighborhood, and bought a bunch of packs of ant traps, and some spray. I was scared to use the spray because of my dogs, but I sprayed a little around the door frame. And the traps took care of the aunts in a day or so, but cleaning up their little dead bodies was disgusting. Oh, and they got into our pantry. I threw everything out because I don't care for the taste of ants. We had ants in the midwest, but not like this. They're serious here. I'm always scared of another outbreak here, so I've been just keeping some ant traps in the house, just in case. I'm sorry you're dealing with them again.

karengberger said...

UGH. You have my sympathies.

Mary Beth said...

Why do cat's feel the need to share their food with the floor? I've tried putting the bowls on trays - nothing works. Does it taste better from the tile? Drives me nuts!

Mary Beth said...

Wait - it just occurred to me that they may be doing it to see my reaction. Look George - dinner AND a show!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that ant on the right freaked me out!!