Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chumley's Breath... the barometer we use for all things relating to smell on land, air or sea. For example, if I'm nervous that the cream for my coffee has gone bad I'll hand it to Tom and ask, "Does this smell funny to you?" He'll say, "It's not even close to Chumley's breath, I'd say it's still good." Or when we're traveling and one of us uses the airplane bathroom first, the standard question upon returning to the seat is, "How bad was it? Is it safe for me to go or does it smell like Chumley's breath?" Or just the other day we found this adorable new cafe just a couple miles away but there was this odd smell (that only I could smell, Tom's olfactory nerves are not nearly as powerful) so Tom says describe it. I said, "It smells sort of like an old wet sponge." He said, "Just a moldly sponge or more rancid like Chumley's breath?" I don't think the people sitting next to us cared for our conversation but I'm sure they smelled it too.

So when we're cleaning out Chum's nasty dumps which often times smell worse than his breath, we'll say "God this stinks worse than Chumley's breath!!"

No wonder the cat hates me. I don't know why I just posted this. Probably because I just cleaned the litter box and it was pretty bad.

***update 6:35pm: I just heated up the last of the Chicken Masala from the other night and let Chum lick the plate clean. You can guess where we'll both be in about 25 minutes.***

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karengberger said...

Chumley sounds like a character. When you think about what cats do with their mouths, it kind of stands to reason that his breath stinks. Eating rodents, licking themselves, playing with snakes, eating cat food, licking themselves, coughing up fur balls, did I mention licking themselves? Every day, you make me smile or laugh. Thanks!