Monday, April 14, 2008

Deep in the throes of a closet re-org

I have less than 12 hours to relinquish all castaways lurking inside my closet and I'm at loggerheads.

There are two things I despise when undertaking a monumental closet purge such as this:

1) I never seem to have enough hangers (even when I'm giving clothes away)


2) Inevitably, a spider will dash across the floor halting all closet related progress.

That's where I'm at right now and until Tom can locate and extract the exact spider from the crime scene, there's a full on closet embargo.

I took some before pics earlier today to showcase this barrel of fun...

Head on view: Stuff is shoved and smushed into these wire shelving units. I want to be able to locate anything I'm looking for by sight, rather than my current method of tossing 10 items onto the floor to find a coin purse.

Looking further down: I want to keep the floors clean of excess stuff too. I'm always tripping over shoes, clothes from the laundry basket, purses, or stuff I tossed down from the shelves while searching for that one item. Oh, Hi Wrigley!

To the left: This little shelving unit serves no purpose other than to provide Chumley with direct access to all my hand made shawls. He's been destroying them over the last two years by pulling and chewing on the yarn. (And of course both animals had to be present for this year's closet purge. God forbid they miss out on all the excitement!)

To the right: I can't get the photo to flip, but this area here is just a hodge podge of nonsense. I want to get everything out of these bags and into a permanent place, preferably out of my house. What's in these bags? God only knows. That's part of the reason for this purge.

Alrighty. Time to scream louder for the Exterminator!

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Mindy said...

I love that both Wrigley and Chumley had to be right in the middle of everything! Sounds very familiar...