Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ass Effects?

Tom and I are still sprawled out on our couches engrossed in our laptops and this commercial came on. We weren't looking at the television when we heard the narrator. Tom looks at me and says "Ass effects?"

Seriously, what halfwit comes up with names for this stuff?

Speaking of, do you want to know if you're an idiot?

Take the test.

(Warning: It's addicting)

Took 3 tries but I finally finished it.

Now Tom and I are lying in bed with digital thermometers sticking out of our mouths. He is very warm to the touch so I took his temperature a few minutes ago and it registered 96.3. I didn't think that was correct so now I'm taking my own (with the thermometer he just used) while I stuck an older digital thermometer back into his gob for a second opinion. His beeped and showed 96.3 again! Mine is 95.8. Is that low? How come we both feel warm but have low temps? Time to google.


Mindy said...

The light blue square really hung me up several times. It took me more than 3 tries, but I was finally successful.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'll be trying the test as soon as the kids put their heads down for rest time.

I've always "heard" the same thing every time this commercial comes on! Stupid name for a product!!

I know you and hubby are just the types to take each other's temps rectally, so I'm a bit surprised you didn't try that last night to get a more accurate reading! ;-)