Friday, April 04, 2008

I am a Murderer.

Ok that may be a bit harsh but I can't get past the fact that on our morning walk, while deeply engrossed in the final chapter of A New Earth, I smushed a sweet brown garden snail with my shoe.

99.9% of the time I am scanning the streets and sidewalks for them in case they may be underfoot of other pedestrians or car tires. Due to the cold temps and drizzle in the last week I've probably displaced 6 snails a day (making sure to point them in the direction they were already headed).

And today I failed.

I'm sorry little guy. I won't let this happen again.


Stephanie said...

Agh! I've accidentally smooshed one snail. The feeling and sound of the squish is awful! Here's a weird thing though... I would have thought they'd be a little tougher. They're so delicate.

Smileygirl said...

Seriously Stephanie, I can't get the sound of the "crunch" out of my mind. And right when it happened, my knees buckled because I knew exactly what it was.

And it's like they are made out of a cracked egg shell. So delicate!

Lady Luck said...


Ugh. I was pulling into my parking space and I smacked one. I felt so bad I went up and did research on snails, their life expectancy, etc. And then I learned that it has both female and male organs to reproduce. And then I thought AAAHH!!! What if it was preggers??

Snails are amazing little guys. we should all be nice to them. :)