Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sleep Talker

Tom and I were at our friend's place in Manhattan Beach pretty late last night. Didn't get home til almost 2am. We went straight to bed and at 4:30am Chumley starts his late night/early morning bellowing. I really have to capture this audio on film because it is sooo loud and distinct, you must hear it to believe. I'm sure other cat owners can relate. So Tom tosses and turns while Chum hollars and moans and while Tom is still asleep he sighs deeply and says softly, "Nut house." I asked him this afternoon if he remembers this and he said had no clue. He talks in his sleep from time to time and can even carry on a conversation. I'd say about 75% of the time he jibber jabbers about something golf related. It's probably worth capturing this on audio too.

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Mindy said...

You should do it!!! LOL