Monday, April 14, 2008

Junk Drawers

I'm in the process of spring cleaning and decided to tackle the trivial crap first - Junk Drawers. Both Tom and I each have our own drawers, and I think they're an unavoidable "must have" in every household. We'll continue to keep junk in our drawers but it's good to clean them out every once in a while. I'm ransacking the entire house (again!) because tomorrow at 7:30am we have a HOPE truck coming to pick up all our giveaways. I've known about this for over 2 weeks and it was my intention to spend the weekend weeding out, however I got sidetracked so now I'm scrambling to get this done in a few short hours.

And I'm distracted by the contents of our junk drawers.

Here's what's in Tom's drawer:

-golf balls
-golf tees
-golf pencils
-golf scorecards
-Costco receipts
-a coupon for free tow service (great place to keep this don't ya think?)
-needle nose pliers
-coins and euros
-deck of cards
-extension cords
-3 sets of airline earphones
-my Dad's bouncy ball (SO glad I found this)
-a few PSP game discs

Guys are boring.

Here's what's housed inside MY (much more interesting) junk drawer:

-perfume samples
-emory boards
-an eye patch
-flea collar (for the dog)
-stretch Dudley (however mine is a rabbit, not a smiley)
-swim goggles
-a pipe and some herbs
-a doily
-large egg of silly putty
-a rosary
-gummy teeth
-cough drops
-a mini bop it
-word search puzzles
-sea shells

So what's in your junk drawers???


Anonymous said...

I have a junk drawer too but it is the size of a dresser drawer now!! I HAVE HAD TO EVOLVE!!

I am doing a raffle at my site if you are interested.

Hmm......maybe I should raffle off my junk drawer!!

bb said...

Tom's got the money and you've got the...herbs.

Not much has changed since your days in Chicago.

bb said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say what's in my junk drawer.

Pens that don't work, gum, lifesavers, phone chargers, tape, scissors, keys to nowhere, spare change, rubber bands, highlighters, calculator, paperclips.

I guess I'm pretty boring too hu? LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a Bopit until now. I have junk in several drawers in different rooms...and boxes still. I just finished The Secret, I see you're reading The Power of Now. Jump on yahoo sometime so we can discuss. :)

Karyn said...

A pipe and some herbs? Hmmmm...

Because I live in a New York apartment, I don't have a junk drawer. Mostly because I DON'T HAVE A DRAWER. I have a dresser, yes, but it's for clothes.

I have silver pot with some foreign coins in it, but that's about it.