Friday, April 18, 2008

Quake in the Midwest

So there was a 5.2 earthquake in Southern Illinois. That's a big deal.

This article mentioned that the skyscrapers in Chicago were rattling. Really? Almost 250 miles away??? I guess our buildings here are built differently than in Chicago so I'm sure it's possible. And a 5.2 isn't exactly small potatoes.

I'm addicted to this page, which is also on my links list. Southern California faults have been eerily quiet lately so maybe something's going on down under.


Christina Shaver said...

Yep. Woke me up. And when Evan woke up this morning, he said he felt his bed shaking last night too.

ChiTown Girl said...

OMG!! I'm so glad I slept through it! It woke my sister up, too. I'm so surprised you guys felt it all the way up north! My sister lives south of me, in Alsip, so I'm not surprised she felt it. Freakin' wierd, huh?

Peter said...

I was having a dream. I was in a diner with a friend. It was a very ordinary looking diner, but half the clientelle were these violent gang bangers acting tough and confronting people; the other half were middle class professional people who ate there because it was urban and edgy. We were sitting in a booth, and my dining companion's seat was attached to the next booth, which was shaking because this gang banger kept slamming his back into it. "How do you like this place?" I asked. "It's nice," he said. I'm thinking, this is scary, these gang bangers are going to start looking for a fight. The waitstaff just kind of rolled with it, not doing anything about it.

Then I started to feel like I was being shaken. I started to dream that I was in my bed and a disembodied force was physically shaking me. Then I started to wake up. By the time I was awake, the room was perfectly still. I thought, okay, that was a dream, but what a vivid dream... I really felt like I physically experienced being shaken. I mean seriously, I was thinking, what the hell did I eat??? Usually Mexican food gives me the surreal stuff, what was this??? I went back to sleep. When I read the news about the earthquake online, and the article said tremors were felt in Chicago, I thought, wow, that's what that was. Freaky, huh?