Thursday, April 03, 2008

Save your $$$!

I was tempted to try the latest Cover Girl Outlast Lip color so while I was at Target picking up the weekly essentials (kitty litter, shower curtains, super sized toilet paper) I found the lip colors and thought I'd give it a try.

I bought Berry Preserve, #556 because I thought it would match my skin tone as well as add some subtle color for spring. Looks pretty, no???
Well this color is NOT WHAT APPEARS ON YOUR LIPS! It goes on much darker and more purplely, like this...

I didn't realize this 'til I was at work for about an hour and people in the kitchen were looking at me funny. When I finally went into the bathroom my lips were sooooooo purple and shiny, I looked like a Russian mail-order bride. As if that's not bad ENOUGH, I also had a giant shmear of this across my front tooth which by the way, does not easily come off! So when it says it lasts for 16 hours, yes it does, even on teeth. While in the bathroom, I scrubbed the color off my lips using wads of wet toilet paper that are probably still in crumbles on my face as I type this now, but I don't care, I had to get this shit off my lips.

I obviously can't return this, so if anyone wants a tube of lipstick only used ONCE (I don't have herpes or any sort of lip fungus) email me your address and I'll gladly ship it free of charge. But's PURPLE.

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