Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coal Miner's Husband

Much to Tom's displeasure, I like to read in bed at night. It's always a sore subject because he prefers a "lights out" regimen once his head hits the pillow. I thought we could compromise so I invested in one of these:

I like how it illuminates the pages of my book but Good God, if you look in the general direction of the bulb, you will go blind. And since Tom is laying below the rays he occasionally gets a beam shot in the eye - which doesn't make him too happy.

So tonight, we're in bed early, both not feeling well and after cleaning the thermometers, I grab for my book and click on the light.

Tom says in a grumbly voice, "Oh great. Working in the coal mines again tonight?"

Even when he's a grump ass with a low grade fever, he makes me chuckle.

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