Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our house.

If you could see our house right now you would think an earthquake/tornado/tidal wave struck our town. We inherited a console table from my sister and her husband and are trying to find the perfect place to put it. I originally thought it would go in the family room so we moved around the furniture, unplugged lamps, displaced plants and positioned the table in various places around the room. Nothing worked. We left the family room and headed into the living room. Same thing, rolled up the rug, moved the couch away from the wall (which by the way was THRILLING for the animals - both Chum and Wrigs ran back and forth behind the couch like wild apes because it was something new and exciting for them) moved around the existing end tables, unplugged lamps, etc. and still not loving it. Tom's threshold for making furniture placement related decisions is about 3.4 seconds so after all this he heads back into the family room and plops down on the oversized chair (that is now sitting in the middle of the room) to watch the Cubs game.

I say "stuff it" and leave the living room in shambles and head into the kitchen for a cold beverage. Today was the first real hot day of the year (in the high 80's) and in my book there's only one drink that completely cools and refreshes the body on those hot summer like days (aside from lemonade and iced tea). It's an iced cold Gin and Tonic with a splash of Rose's Lime Juice and several full squirts of fresh limes.

Hello old friend. I've missed you.

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