Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cujo Kitty

Here's some more of Chumley's rage. He's much better today probably because he got out all of his aggression during these tirades and also because he peed all over the BRAND new futon cover in my newly redecorated craft room. Tom comes home from work yesterday and sees the pee spot that I was just about to clean up and says, "That does it Laura! If he pees on ONE MORE THING in this house, HE'S GONE!!! I MEAN IT!!!" He's been saying that exact phrase for over a decade and now, there is literally nothing left in this house that has not been soaked in Chumley's urine. Doesn't that make all of you want to rush over and visit?? I'm headed to Target to get another set of rubber sheets, and yet another shower curtain. It's only a matter of time before we all expire from the plastic fumes in this house.


Christina Shaver said...

How on earth are you filming this and defending yourself at the same time? Seriously.

You need to invest in one of those high-tech cameras that attach to a pair of glasses they have in detective shows.

BYFFI said...

or better yet, the camera glasses that Howie Mandel wears when he does those hidden camera gags for Jay Leno!! They would look stunning on you. ;-)