Monday, July 09, 2007


Today I had to make a quick stop at Trader Joe's and I went to the one that is located right next to a retirement village. I don't often go there because it's an obstacle course trying to maneuver the already defective wheeled Trader Joe's cart through a sea of motorized chairs and walkers outfitted with tennis balls. I mean no disrespect but I was in a hurry and I needed to make this quick. I had just got my cart when this very elderly woman pitters over to me asking for help finding the avocados. I had already passed produce and was heading towards meats but of course I had to help her. I happily went back to the veggie tables and looked all around (while abandoning my cart) but couldn't find any avocados. Then finally at the very last table I saw a 3 pack of vegetables for salsa making: an avocado, tomato and onion. So I grabbed the plastic box and ran back over to the little lady.

I showed her what I found and she said, rather gruff, "I don't want that!" And then waved her hand at me! I said, "Ok then, well I can't find any avocados over there." So I turned and ran all the way back to veggies to return the salsa making kit. The woman was already onto something else and when I passed her I whispered to myself "You're welcome." I'm sure she didn't hear.

Then, I couldn't find my cart. I only had 2 things in there, a bag of onions and a cucumber so fine, I wasn't that upset but still now I had to go all the way back outside, wait for another old lady to maneuver her cart out of the chain of conjoined carts and she was taking her own sweet time trying to get them unlatched so I just stood back and waited. And waited. Then I got my cart and now was on a mission. I zoomed through the aisles and picked up as much as I could (felt like a contestant on super market sweep) and then, out of the corner of my eye, I see a bunch of hanging bags of avocados. Dilemma. Do I try and locate the old ungrateful ninny that yelled at me because I didn't find the right avocados the first time?

Well that's what I did. I found her and told here where they were. Actually walked her to the location. I should have just brought the bag with me because it would have saved the 7.2 minutes it took for her to get there. So then she says, "How much are they??" I tell her they are $3.99. "Ohhh Heavens! That's too much!" Again in a voice that teetered on the edge of anger. "Alright...I was just trying to help." Her: "Well I'm not going to spend that much on a bag of avocados!" At this point I'm thinking, "Does she think I work here?"

I just had to walk away and avoid this woman for the rest of my shopping excursion which was supposed to be quick. So I gathered what I needed, headed to check out and then waited in line behind another old woman, probably older than the avocado lady. The guy ringing her up pulled out the remaining items in her cart, two of which were a bag of onions and a cucumber. The lady shrieks, "Oh, I don't want those. I don't know how those got in there!" I said, "I do," but this time it wasn't a whisper.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure the avocado lady was not my mother.....(hee)