Monday, December 29, 2008

Our next house...

...will have no windows.

This poor little soul hit the window while Wrigs and I were out walking. If I had been home, I could have kept him warm and maybe there would have been a chance he would have been ok. This is just hard to see and it's happening too often. I don't want to live in this bird-killing house anymore. Burial number 3.

I can't end on something sad so I'll let you all know that as I'm typing this the sun is beaming into my eyes through one of the bird killing windows. It's nice and I may just go blind as it pierces through my retinas like hot lava but boy does it ever feel good. Oh how I've missed you sun. Please stay for a few more months ok?

Btw, I am eating some cheese and crackers and all of the sudden I get this feeling I'm being watched. Chum and Wrigs are off doing their own thing so who can it be?

Seriously how creepy is this? Can you see his cheese face looking right back at me?

Reminds me of this one hit wonder, though my lyrics would be: "I always feel like, my cheese ball's watching me."

Ok I'm still sad about the bird. If we owned this house and weren't leaving in a few months I would have blinds or curtains installed on every window and keep them shut, (only allowing a beam shot of sun to peek through on the sunny days). I'm going to see if the owners will do something about this even after we leave. I can't help but thinking that this was the momma bird in search of worms for her crying babies, now left motherless, cold and starving in their exposed nest, awaiting their fateful doom.

I need to stop watching Lifetime Movie Network.


Christina Shaver said...

Poor birdie!! We used to have a woodpecker try to fly through our window when I was a kid growing up in Cincinnati. Only, the woodpecker was a lot bigger and a lot dumber. It would try again and again and again and again. Never killed it though.

Christina Shaver said...

By the way, maybe I still have the Christmas spirit, but your cheese face looks an awful lot like Santa.

Anonymous said...

I think that birds only have their youngin's in the spring? I am only saying this to help your guilt - I do not know if it is fact. I think the windows may be too clean - ? We have bird casualities when I wash our windows -- so, I think I should stop washing them --- what do you think?

Bird Lover 2

ChiTown Girl said...

The CheeseFace was a little scary! I can NOT believe that yet another bird bit it at your house! WTF?! I'm with anon, stop cleaning! Seriously, maybe you could find some of those vinyl cling things to stick on the windows that will scare the birds away. You could probably put anything up, just so the birds don't think they fly into it.

Bon Don said...

Another birdy!? You poor thing. What is it with these birds?