Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sunshine day

I spent the day in Laguna and it was perfect. 75 degrees and not a cloud to be found. I feel refreshed, alive and warm! I took a bunch of pics but of course forgot to bring my camera to computer converter cord thingy so I'll have to upload when I get back to Seattle.

Here is a pic I took with my cell phone from my favorite cafe:

There is an extremely embarrassing story that happened while at the cafe but I just can't bring myself to post it. Rebecca was the lucky recipient of hearing said story via text message and if anything ever happens to me, I grant her permission to share it on here. Until then, it will be a while before I return to that place.

Then I headed over to the Montage where I sat in the lobby next to a roaring fire, watching the afternoon sun slowly make its way down the horizon.

I stepped outside on the deck to take in the views and 2 women were out there sipping cocktails, chatting. One said in a huff "It's too bright out here, let's get back inside." Are you kidding me woman!? I wanted to punch her in what looked to be a newly constructed nose. Stupid sun hater.

I've got more to update but need to get ready to meet friends for taco tuesday. Can't beat $2 tacos!

Hope you're all enjoying some sunshine today!!!


karengberger said...

What a great view! WOWEE! I hope it's like that every day for you.
God bless you.

Lisa said...

Seems like you are enjoying yourself. At what place is the 2 dollar taco's?? Is it Wahoo's?? I want to eat there when I go on my trip in March. What cafe was you at when the took the pic? That is such a beautiful view. I hope you keep continuing to enjoy yourself.

Lisa said...

BTW, Is the Montage where you are staying?? It is beautiful there!! Of course to fancy for my budget but I defiantly may have to just go and check out the beauty of it.

Lizy said...

Sunshine on a December day.. I WISH..

Great to read you're having such a good time! Have fun!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Lovely! I wish you could bottle this lovely warm sunshine (and the feeling it evokes) somehow and take it back to Seattle this with you.

I'm happy you're having fun, my friend!

and now I'm DYING of curiosity to hear the embarrassing story...!!!

lizziebelle said...

gah! i am dying to know what happened! i am going fabricate magical scenarios in my head.

did you poop your pants? the bankerman did that once...

Smileygirl said...

Lisa, Taco Tuesday is on lake Mission Viejo at Tortilla Flats. The cafe in Laguna is C'est la Vie and I was sitting upstairs, outside. Service is SLOW but view is amazing. You must go to the Montage for drinks and see the view. I'm not staying there, it's way too expensive. Best place to eat in Laguna is Ti Amo. AMAZING Italian food, a little pricy, but worth every penny. It has an actual tree going through the restaurant. The White House in Laguna is fun for later in the night, music/dancing. And Mozambique has live music, amazing food and incredible atmosphere. Have a GREAT TIME!

Lindsey said...


I want to live there now. Not at the Montage but in Laguna. I drove through there when I visited a friend in San Diego last spring.

It snowed in Dallas last night.

Bon Don said...

It has been beautiful here lately! I'm glad your having a good time:)