Wednesday, December 17, 2008

psssst Beverly...

Hello lover. Chumley here. My mom's in the other room wrapping presents so I thought I'd hop on here and send you a note.

I got a new bed.

Do you like it? It's heated.

And there's plenty of room for you my love. I was thinking we could, oh wait here comes Wrigley. Hang on...he' keyboard...from me-

Hello Beverly! It's Wrigley! I have a warm bed too!

But I don't like to share.
p.s. my brother has a crush on you...


ChiTown Girl said...

You're so silly! Hey, I've been waiting for months for you to send me your new email address, and now your home address. Get on it, Lady!

Gina said...


Smileygirl said...

chi- I just sent your xmas card and included my home address. Sorry it's taken me forever. I haven't set up new email yet with our cable provider. When we finally settle into our new home I will probably get email again. And I totally blanked on Buster's name on the xmas card! Tell him I'm sooo sorry!

Karyn said...

Did is Bev. I'll bring my warming massage oil to your heated bed for kicks.

Karyn said...

You can rub it on my belly. i'll rub it on your tail.

Karyn said...

wrigley you will have to sleep alone in your bed.

Clippy Mat said...

i love your new background pic.
but wait,
what's going on outside that window?
it looks like those two boys are dunking a real skinny kid head first in the frozen ice!!!
little barstewards.

Bon Don said...

I totally heard Barry White playing during that entire post!

I need a heated bed for my Dingy, where did you get it?

Smileygirl said...

I got the bed at All the Best pet care. It's by Dolce Vita and it comes in a few sizes. It's so warm and cozy I wish I could fit inside it! If you put a blanket or toy on top of it, it will activate the heater so it will be warm for your pup!

Smileygirl said...

ha!!! Clippy! I had to check the pic again and I think you're right! At first I thought they were playing hockey but now I can see where it looks like they are dunking a twig legged kid. So funny!

Clippy Mat said...

and i just thought, dad and two kids are sitting at the table ready to eat... sans cutlery... they're probably just going to tear into that turkey which Mom made for their ungrateful greedy little selves.
and where's mom?
ah yes,
see the tip of the liquor bottles in the corner of the pic?
she's obviously had enough this Christmas.
who can blame her?
Dad didn't even get the kids to put ornaments and decorations on the tree!
All he cares about is his spin jockey/karaoke bizniz and he didn't even put the equipment away, just left it all in the middle of the living room while Mom slaved over the stove and the older kids terrorized the neighbourhood.
and he's such a control freak. he won't even let the kids open their gifts until AFTER they've demolished the turkey.
see how anxious they are?
No wonder she drinks.


Anonymous said...

Soooooooooooo funny! :-D :-D :-D