Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thunder snow???

At 5:30 this morning Tom and I were jolted out of bed by a loud bang. I thought for sure it was a big rolling earthquake and the ground was cracking beneath us, about to swallow us whole. Then, a blinding bolt of lightning. We flipped on the news and realized it was just Thunder snow. WHAT???? We've officially seen it all.

We're getting slammed with more snow and it's so unbelievably beautiful. Tom actually jogged into work today and said many cars and buses were left stuck on the hilly streets. People are even abandoning their cars on the freeways and it looks like night of the living dead with all these people wandering around aimlessly. OMG I love it so much!!! Ok funny news lady just said rather emphatically, "There's no reason for anyone to be outside unless it's to build a snowman!" They are now showing people slipping and sliding.

Here are some pics:

I'm having trouble uploading pics. I'll add more later when I figure out what is going on. HOLY F*CK! Bird just hit window


Maggie said...

We are expecting Thunder snow tonight and tomorrow. They say we can expect 8-12 inches of new snow in a 10 hour period...crazy.

Erin said... your Christmas tree spinning? If so, that's just about the coolest thing EVER and I have tree envy.

I discovered your blog via Karen's. I really enjoy it!

Happy Holidays!