Thursday, December 11, 2008

So incredibly conflicted.

Heart is heavy.

Family unit, broken.

Feeling the effects of this distance on so many levels.

And So. Much. Guilt. for moving away.

I wish I could change things.

For now, I can't and I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

I'm way older than you and I don't know any specific details, but I do know that it isn't good for you
to take on all that guilt. Everyone has to deal with unwanted changes--trust that the others involved will be able to deal positively with any difficulties. You will still be there to support in almost every way that you could if you were there physically. Breathe--let others help you too.
Take good care of yourself.


Clippy Mat said...

i felt like that when we left everyone behind in england to come to canada.
but you learn, you have a right to make your life where it needs to be right now.
families are always part of each other and true family love means no matter where you are, you are always THERE for each other.
it will be okay.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were two suns in the sky. Then I would be thinking about boobies all day long.