Thursday, December 18, 2008

A happy ending

This is the little sweet heart that hit the window. Thankfully, not as hard as the last bird but still, he was pretty shaken up. He was shivering quite a bit, so I bundled him in a soft towel and kept him warm for about 15 minutes. Then he hopped right onto my arm, looked at me for a bit, pooped, then hopped up to my shoulder where he sat for about 2 more minutes before fluttering off into the snowy sky. I think he's going to be ok.

Wrigs kept watch and was happy to see him fly away safely through the trees.

All is back to normal.

And the snow is still coming down.


karengberger said...

That's good news. You are so compassionate.
We are back from our walk, and warming up. I just posted some pics. David wants to take his skis up to the road, and wants me to go up and cheer him on...but it's so cozy here! Hugs from over here.

Lindsey said...

I am soo jealous of that snow!

Wait. Is that a lamp? Outside?

Smileygirl said...

Yep that's a lamp. We had a couple back in CA that were set up as an outdoor living room. They are water/weather proof but certainly do look funny with all that snow on top!

Kate said...

Too cute...and the bird pooped while on your arm...did it poop ON your arm? :)

Glad you're loving the snow...this is the most we've gotten in Seattle in the three years I've lived here. It's nice to have this little amount when I am used to getting 6" minimum per storm in Maine when growing up there. And we're supposed to get more snow on Sunday! I worked from home today and yesterday and probably tomorrow too, and if it's bad on Monday, I'll do that too! Yay snow! And telecommuting! :)