Sunday, June 08, 2008

Water bowl stand-off

For shits and giggles I put Wrigley's water dish on the floor and the animals instantly flocked to it as if it were a side of beef wrapped in raw tuna. So of course I had to grab the camera...

Chumley hogging the water bowl

Wrigleys turn for a sip

More battling

Notice how Wrigley looks at me when I call Chumley's name. If Wrigley's being naughty and I want him to come to me and he won't, all I have to do is call Chumley.

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HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Chumley reminds me a little of a cat we had (a stray we took in, who was only with us for about 2 years before she passed away) named Midnight. Midnight was CHRONICALLY pissed off about everything. The only person on the whole planet she would tolerate is my son. She loved him. Everyone else was scowled at, hissed at or swatted. (Or all 3.)

Wrigley is just the Picture of Patience. Such a sweet, sweet face that boy has. :-)