Monday, June 16, 2008

Breakfast with my friend...

...turned into a full day of fun in Laguna Beach! The day was perfect. We had delicious coffee and breakfast at a little pastry shop (though they ran out of normal sized chairs). Can you see how high she is sitting? The table comes up to her knees. Announcing "Queen Charisse of the Heidelberg Pastry Shop"

Here I am sitting on a normal sized chair. I look like I work for the Geek Squad in this photo.

After breakfast we did a little shopping and lots of browsing. I'll have to post some pics of our finds. I got the most adorable summer bag. Yes, I must post pics soon because my words will do it no justice.

After more walking and shopping we were hungry again so we headed to a French Bakery/Cafe for some light fare (and a small glass of champagne). Then we did a bit more strolling through the beautiful town of Laguna and had to stop and take a picture next to these gorgeous sunflowers. That was taken with my camera's self timer. We looked like such tourists but we didn't care.

And of course a trip to Laguna is not complete without a stroll along the beach...

The day could not have been better. It's funny whenever Charisse and I plan to meet for breakfast somehow it turns into an all day event. And when she comes over to our house Tom always says the same thing..."Now Laura, if you guys start drinking wine and get silly and want to get into your nighties and have a pillow fight, PLEASE, don't let me stop you!" And if he's not home when she comes over he'll say the same thing but add, "Just make sure and video tape it."

Yes, she's gorgeous. But, beneath the surface, she's the most beautiful person that I've met in California. She is a true blessing in my life and I am forever grateful to our dear friend Aaron for bringing us together in friendship.

(I just realized I'm probably going to get a bunch of interesting google hits based on the word combo above: "nighties" / "pillow fight". I may need to edit this later. But now I'm tired. I have to be up in less than 5 hours. My surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am. Let's hope I'm infection free this time around!)


Lizy said...

Good luck with the sugery!

And you and friend are really beautifull!! Great to hear that you had such a great time!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Awww. Sounds like a perfect Girls Day Out!

Good luck with the surgery this morning - I will be thinking of you, and will say a prayer that everything goes smoothly for you!

Take care. :-)

leishblog said...

Wow you ladies look like you are having fun in the sun, much better than winter over this side of the globe.
Goodluck Luck today!
I asked the google and it said you are going to be fine!

lizziebelle said...

good luck with the surgery! i just chugged a latte and being moderately lactose intolderant i should be in for a fun day on the work commode.


suz said...

Looks like a beautiful day. Love the sunflowers. You both are gorgeous.
Hope all is well with your health.

Mindy said...

Best wishes again with the surgery today!

LBluca77 said...

I love Laguna Beach. I used to live in Trabuco Canyon.

Good luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes well.