Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am sick of showing this house.

I am sick of having to be within a 15 minute radius at all times because of this mother @#$*ing cat.

I am sick of having to remove 3 shower curtains every time someone comes to see our house.

This $#$#ing cat is peeing ALL over the place now, and we've seriously hit our breaking point.

I HATE THIS CAT RIGHT NOW. He peed b/c of the earthquake yesterday, then he peed on the family room couch RIGHT before Tom had the open house on Sunday. We can't get the smell out because it's everywhere.

I am sick of rushing around, cleaning up piss and clumps of shit everywhere and then finally pouring a bowl of cereal when the #$#$#ing doorbell rings and it's an agent with a family of 4 coming to see our house without calling first.

I am sick of agents calling back saying that their client loved our house but they need 4 bedrooms and an office, not 3 bedrooms and an office. To that I want to yell back, "ARE YOU #$#%ing ILLITERATE?!?! DID YOU NOT READ OUR LISTING SHEET!?!?" It clearly states 3 bedrooms plus an office so why are these dip shits looking at our house if they NEED 4 + bedrooms!?!?

I am sick of agents saying they will be here to preview our house in 10 minutes and 54 minutes later I'm sitting here with the cat locked up, the dog panting in the heat and my blood boiling.


I need to reread my last post. Not really feeling it right now though.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, girlfriend, you're having a shit day, huh? But, you managed to post a ton of stuff, which makes ME happy. I've been missing you like crazy!!! I hope things turn around soon!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I sucks, I know.
When we sold our home, our kids were 2 and 3, plus we had two cats and a dog.
It was very difficult.
I told Hubster when we moved into this house that I would NEVER sell another house again.
And, as much as I get "new house fever" fairly regularly, memories of that time prevent me from wanting to actually move.

Hang in there. Eventually it will sell.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Whoops.... typing too fast.

IT sucks. (Not I sucks.)

You knew what I meant though.
Selling a house sucks. Front to back, top to bottom, it sucks.

Kimba said...

This is probably a moot point, but have you tried Urine Off? (such a pleasant name, I know) It got one of my cats to stop peeing in the house: And no I don't work for the company, lol.

lizziebelle said...

you have the patience of saint francis of asissi putting up with that pee really do.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, send them to doggy and kitty spa for a week.