Friday, July 18, 2008


I take 3 of these tablets a day...

Here are some benefits of Omega 3:

"Omega-3 oils have been called “the miracle food of the 21st century.” Research shows the right kind can help prevent heart disease, maintain optimum blood pressure and cholesterol levels and give almost immediate relief from joint pain, migraines, depression, autoimmune diseases and many other conditions. And, by improving brain development and memory functioning, from conception through old age, certain Omega-3 oils also provide the perfect brain food."

I've been taking them to optimize brain and memory function but I think I need to double my dosage.

At least I don't have fish burps.


suz said...

I took these for a while a few years ago. I don't remember what the outcome was...apparently I did not take enough either. :)

lizziebelle said...

i take two a day!

no fish burps! (unless you take them before a st. pattys day bar crawl. the fish laced burps are inevitable at that point)

Kristen, DLL Rainwear said...

They actually have chewable ones that taste really good, like citrus. Definitely no fish burps (yucky). I can't recall the name but you can get them at Costco.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Wow. I need to go get some. I had NO CLUE they had all those benefits. I have migraines, mood swings, an autoimmune illness, and assorted other weird maladies.

Health food store, here I come!

(I would even tolerate fish burps, if it helped with all my weird little health issues....)

Dr. Scott Doughman said...

Check out
VEGETARIAN FISH OIL: Microalgae Oil is the new best source of omega-3 DHA and EPA. It is better tolerated over fish oil. Microalgae oil is the source where fish oil omega-3 comes from. Learn more…

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I stopped at the store today and bought TWO bottles of the "Fish Burp Free" fish oil! (They were buy one get one free - WOO HOO!)

Hubster was like "What the heck?"
I told him "Laura says they are good for what ails me!" :-)

(He knows when I start quoting a "blogger buddy", it's time for him to just shut his mouth and take my word for it. :-)

So, here's to fish oil!!