Tuesday, July 29, 2008


More on the quake

Tom and I are home now. Animals are fine, Chum greeted us at the door and Wrigs was sleeping on the ottoman. Nothing was broken at home. This one threw us all for a loop. Tom was in Santa Ana and I was in Costa Mesa when it happened. At his office pictures flew off the walls, cabinets opened and the building (which is on rollers) swayed back and forth. He and 20 employees managed to get out safely. At my work file cabinets opened, blinds on the windows slapped back and forth and office doors slammed shut. Sort of Exorcist like. I felt dizzy. The ground felt like it was popping. Car and office alarms were going off, that part was annoying. But now that we're safe and sound in the comforts of our home, it was cool!

Earthquake story


Tom was able to contact my mom who then got a hold of me so he's ok. Our cell phones are not working. It was a 5.8. Was felt all the way in San Diego and Las Vegas. It was quite a jolt.
NO phones working. Can't get a hold of Tom! S CAlifornia people PLEASE leave me a message on here!! ARe you ok???


Solus Puella said...

I was online and just heard about the earthquake and immediately thought about you. You're the only one I "know" in California right now. Glad you're okay and hope you get a hold of Tom.

Seattle looks good right about now, huh?

denise said...

My husband is in San Diego for work and said it felt like a big truck shaking the building. All is ok there. Glad all is good on your end.

moooooog35 said...

Makes the Seattle hobos look like a cakewalk. When are you moving again?

karengberger said...

Glad to hear you and Tom are okay. I hope everyone else is, too! Can't wait to hear the news about Saturday's and Sunday's adventures. Love from me.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I haven't had the TV or radio on at all today so this is the first I've heard about it. I am glad you and Tom are all OK.
That is VERY scary though, Laura.

Smileygirl said...

Thank you Solus. You are sweet to think of us! Did you know Seattle runs on a major shallow fault line? So I guess we can't avoid these quakes.

Tom will start working in Seattle in a few weeks. Still have our house here so we'll be commuting for a while.

Thanks for all your comments of concern. I actually enjoy these quakes, once everyone is safe and accounted for. Feels like your bouncing on a trampoline.

Christina Shaver said...

mooooooog took the words right out of my mouth. Only I was gonna say that now you can LOOK FORWARD to the homeless problem and foul public restrooms!

Karyn said...

I called you! But the number I have in my cell phone is an oldie, I think. (Unless you had a man who doesn't speak English record your outgoing voicemail message.)

Karyn said...

PS - It took me a few tries to get through to Mark and David, but I eventually did.

TTQ said...

Yikes this i sthe first I heard of it. I've never been through an earthquake but if you want to know about hurricanes I can give you heads up..

Glad you and the the house are fine, and your mom too. Hope you got a hold of Tom. Honey and I would freak, I once lost connection with him during the worst part of a hurricane when he went to rescue a friend who lives on the Indian River. I can't even tell you how happy I was when they turned onto our street (but this was pre-marriage and just his house) The water was a few feet from coming into the house, I had already raided the house for towels (dumb, but it kept me busy)

Mindy said...

I got the CNN Breaking News e-mail and immediately thought of you too. Glad everyone is ok! Heard from KBL?

My little earthquake add-on in Firefox seems to have about a 2.8 everyday in Central California. It shakes the screen and everything when one is happening.

Lizy said...

Glad to read you're ok! Read about it in the newspaper this morning and immediately thought of you guys!