Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Benefits of Boobs

Being a Woman


Cute Summer Dresses


Priority Service at the Costco Tire Center

Thank you nice man, for rushing to my aid when I had a question about my new tires. Your sense of urgency and need to re-act is similar to that of an emergency room triage. And I apologize to the 3 people who were waiting in line ahead of me. Who knew that little sundress packed so much power?

Btw, my new front tires were these 225/45/17 thing-a-ma-bobs. I got them last week and when Tom checked the pressure they were only filled to 27. So I said to the guy that they should be filled at 45, sounds logical doesn't it? It's not. He said that is the maximum the tire can be filled but it depends on the car and what you're using it for (like if I need to transport a car load of bricks, THEN I could fill the tires to the max of 45.) Fascinating and yes, this was the example he used.

So he showed me inside the drivers side door there is a spot that shows the tire pressures for the front and back tires. Who knew? Again, fascinated. The front tire pressure should be at 32 and the back at 36. So he checked all 4 and made sure they were just right. He said if ever I had any more questions or just needed to have my tires checked for pressure I could come back to him anytime.

I like Costco.


LBluca77 said...

My boobs usually get me waited on first at the bar. Oh and trust me I take full advantage.

suz said...

This is funny. It will be hell on us when we are very old and our boobs are not longer in the right postition. We must Enjoy while we can. :)
PS. I knew about the tire thingy-ma-bob inside the door. Coach makes me do some of those things myself. Well, he does not make me do them, he is just always too busy and I don't want my tires to explode or go flat. :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I love the example of "hauling a load of bricks"... that sounds like something a Georgia Boy would use for logic, not someone from Orange County, CA!

And yes, boobs and a cute dress will always get a girl noticed.

Being a girl definitely has its perks. (No pun intended....)

Anonymous said...

Let's chat on IM as soon as you can. I have something to tell ya.

Ahava said...

That's so funny!! I don't really have the boobs so I have to put the push-up bra to work. Hey, the false adverising usually gets the job done!! ;o)

Laura said...

Never underestimate the power of a cute sundress and killer cleavage. And to Suz: keep up your chest presses at the gym and you can stem the tide of falling boobs! I'd provide a picture of my 51 yr old natural pair, but ... you know... All the credit goes to chest presses...

Lisa T said...

I had my 1st sundress moment yesterday and thought of this! I don't know why it took me so long to wear these dresses to places other then special's amazing how wearing one in an every day setting can really change the way people (men) treat you! haha in a good way of course!