Saturday, July 12, 2008


While putting around in our yard late last night this is what we saw...

Tom also saw a shooting star. I think it was just a moth. Yes, we had consumed a few cocktails but still, how creepy is that blinking thing in the sky???


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

LOL.... this is my favorite part of all 3 videos:

Laura: "Should we call someone?"
Tom: "Like who?"
Laura: "I don't know - the police?"

Still laughing... you two are so cute! :-)

ChiTown Girl said...

What the hell where you two drinking? And, do you by any chance live next door to Greg Brady? He got Bobby with this one before, too!!!

Tina Bass said...

That creeped me out. I made my husband watch it, but he's such a sceptic, so I'm the only one going 'omg,omg". The second video is the creepiest. How does it turn into a ring??

Anonymous said...

It really does make some freaky movements in that first video when I watch it a second time.

Perfect timing for the X-Files movie to come out...

lizziebelle said...

"ughhhhh my neck hurts"

ahhhhhhahahaha the ring part is CREEPY

when i was in high school i thought a UFO was following me and i hid in my bedroom with a pitchfork. (i lived in a psuedo farm). tuns out it was those big search lights in the sky for hollywood video's grand opening.

i still havent lived it down because i made my friends dad come pick me up and take me home with them.

that video is very scary especially when it turns into a RING.

suz said...

that is weird.
did anyone else in the area see this? Do you live near area 61?
Or 58? or 76?

The Engine of the Family said...

You should have called Mulder and Scully! I can't wait for the
X-Files movie coming out soon!! I know...geek!