Friday, July 11, 2008

I see you

*Another Update*

I feel bad. I shouldn't have just singled out the one commenter because he/she happened to piss me off. What I should have said was Hello and thank you to those of you who came out of the woodwork to say Hello to me! To all the first time commenters thank you for stopping by and introducing yourselves. I am especially curious to hear more from Missy, who has a cat that pees everywhere. Perhaps we can start our own support group for litter box challenged kitties. I welcome all of you, even those whose thoughts or opinions may differ from my own. What a boring existence this would be if we all viewed the world the same way.




As I predicted, backlash.

To the person who left this comment:

anonymous said...
"That's harsh, calling someone out like that. But then again, you've yourself admitted you're not very mature. Why should it matter who reads what? You put it out there on a public forum."
-7/10/08 3:09 PM

The purpose of my "calling out" had NOTHING to do with the fact this this person reads my blog. It has to do with the fact that they LIED about it - to my face. Thought I made that clear but apparently "you've yourself" didn't see that. Let's move on.

(Original Post)

I love how in the last week or so I've been getting more google searches for "CUBS SUCK" several coming from various places of business around the St. Louis area. I've got one from the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper and one from KMOV tv station. I don't know why I am amused by this. I've also gotten a few other interesting searches that cause me to chuckle. I don't think most people (non-bloggers) realize that you're able to track who's on the blog at all times. And say for example you bump into someone you know (not really a friend but more of an acquaintance) like randomly at a grocery store or something and they say, "Oh my goodness! How are you? What is new??? I've been meaning to call and catch up for SOOOO long now - so what is going on in your life?? WHAT?? You're MOOOOVING?? I had no idea!?!" and you're thinking to yourself, "Seriously Liar? You read my fricking blog more often than I update it and you're saying this shit to my face right now???" I don't know why but that just sort of creeps me out. Yes I'm prepared for the personal backlash on this one but I just had to say it.

People like this make me want to make this blog "invite only".


Mary Beth said...

According to current power rankings, your Cubbies are 2nd in baseball, right behind the Devil Rays. My poor (pathetic) Mets are down at 16. I'm thinking of switching allegiances:)

kadpi22 said...

I am RE-tarded.

And would like to know how you can see who views your blog?

I'm somewhat new to this...

Smileygirl said...

No, no you're not retarded at all...
I use tracking software (sitemeter/statmeter)
though I can't see specific names, I can tell who people are (at least those that I know) by their place of work (which comes up) their ISP provider or their city and IP address. But when it comes to strangers I only see location and ISP and/or work so I have no clue about them. But I just find it funny because people who I know (in this instance, that one acquaintance) who are on it quite a bit but then act like they know nothing, just baffles me. I can also track the pages they've viewed and how long they've been on each page but I don't usually get that detailed, unless it's someone like this! I guess that's what public blogging is all about but it's funny when people you know blog stalk. Is that a word?? It should be. Hope I explained this ok.


Mindy said...

I'm cracking up because I hear a range of emotions in that post. Is it time to update "that other blog"?

Maybe another family member is blog-stalking you.

Sometimes I'll start reading one blog and get distracted and go to someone else's or on to a task around the house, and could be on someone's page for hours on end. Ah, well.

Jane said...

eek. well - i'm on your blog a lot, and I use it as a relief from work. :)

You know - I have a crazy cat too. His name is Shadow. He actually reminds me of Chum quite a bit. He'll knock things off counters, etc just to piss me off, he cries constantly in the middle of the day or night, just b/c he can, and then when I've just about had enough, he comes up to me and snuggles and purrs like I'm the best thing on earth, and then my heart is melted and we start the cycle all over again. :) He actually bit me pretty hard the very first day I brought him home - he was older and scared - but I couldn't take him back. Once he was mine, he was mine. So, now we've co-existed, most the time peacefully, for 6 years. :)

Tina Bass said...

I've had someone do this to my friend. What was creepier is that this person created a second myspace page w/ a different alias to check out her page. My friend had a tracker as well and noticed the similar ISP.
there are weirdos out there!

Smileygirl said...

Mindy I've totally done that, when I've had a page open, say if I'm leaving a comment on someone's page then the phone rings and I forgot about what I was doing and my computer goes to sleep and then the next day when I check it, it's still on that page from the night before! That actually happens a lot.

And Jane, no need to EEK! I can't really track the people I don't know who read the blog it's only those that I know because I can identify them through work, location, etc. The more the merrier!!!


Clippy Mat said...

i'm coming out from behind the bushes. i confess i am a stranger/reader/of your blog and have fallen in like with your antics and especially with chumley... no offence to wrigley but i'm more of a cat person i suppose.(tho' i only have one elderly fat cat who will NOT be replaced when she finishes up this ninth life she's working on right now. so not THAT much of a cat person really, but enough of one to appreciate their crazy personalities.)
anyhoo, didn't know you could see me.......... that's weird. tho i have left a comment or two. but it still feels like snooping.
i would also pretend that i didn't know you were moving to seattle if i bumped into you in piggly wiggly or wherever you american girls shop. because your friend/acquaintance may have been embarrassed to admit that she reads your stuff in case you didn't want her to.
reading o.p's blogs is a bit like reading someone's diary.
you kind of feel that you have no right to be there.
going back into the shadows now.

suz said...

This is funny.
I would also be creeped out for some reason...oh, I don't know why...LIAR. Ok, I do know why.
I have the sitemeter. It has come in handy when someone leaves a strange comment and I don't know them. Before I publish the comment (and I think risk getting a virus?) I check there to see where that person is from. usually india. I don't know anyone there.
What I need help with is the google search. How can I tell what search had someone stumble to my blog??
If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. Suz

Smileygirl said...

Suz, that's why it creeps me out, why lie about it? I also use stat counter which gives you more reporting function than site meter.

And Clippy, please no hiding into the shadows! I love that people out there either enjoy or can to relate to our life with a psychotic cat! Makes me feel more normal in a way! I guess part of the reason we blog publicly is so others have the ability to read it and maybe validate and/or support us as we expose what we will to the world. Like others have said, it's cheap therapy in a way.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I need to use sitemeter. I use pretty jurassic tracking.... and there ARE lots of "lurkers" out there.... I would like to know who they are, where they come from, etc.

I will have to check out sitemeter, and other tools. (I use Feedjit, but that's it.)

Mindy said...

Statcounter is definitely the easiest IMO. I've got both sitemeter and statcounter on my blog, as well.

I would think all public bloggers welcome readers and comments, from those they know and strangers that may stumble upon their blog. At least I do. (that was directed to all lurkers)

amanda said...

I want to know how you can see who is checking your blog... I am so blog niave, I can't figure it out!

amanda said...

ok now I am stalking you... I have installed statmeter and may be contacting you for tutorials...

Clippy Mat said...

got stat counter and started at zero. then i got 3 hits. but then i realized it was me. hitting on myself. haha but i will get the hang of it. thanks for the idea.
and i'm a 'lurker' no more.
feels good to step out of the shadows.
and into the light. :-)

Missy said...

Hi I'm also a faithful reader that has never posted a comment. I stumbled onto your blog while reading another and I'm so happy I did. You may have one of the brightest personalities I have ever encountered there is nothing fake about you and that is so refreshing. You manage to keep us all reading with your daily antics and your adorable fur babies. I love visiting your blog and being able to say okay my life is normal because I'm not the only one who has a cat that pees everywhere or my husband + home improvement = scary! You're a hoot and I wanted to say Hello!

Zanzibarfly said...

So Wow. This is my first comment on a blog ever. That's right, I am a blog comment virgin (you should feel so proud to be 'the one')

Anyways, I love your blog. Your random stories are funny and interesting and I am certainly glad you chose to share them!

I think it would be awfully strange to read someone's blog and then not mention it when I saw that person. You, the internet personality and you, the actual person are not two separate entities. You are not Sybil, you will remember what you wrote. How strange!

k. mead said...

aw I hope you leave the blog public, I love reading it!

Ahava said...

Why do people have to hate on the Cubs?! Why can't everyone be as lovable as us Cubs fans?? My boyfriend is a Sox fan and is always ripping on the Cubbies!

Please leave your blog public... you are so funny... I love to read your blog!!

Lindsey said...

WAIT!! How do you do this blog tracking? I have no idea how but want to learn!!


Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

OR I could read all the comments first and answer my own question.

Install statmeter. :)

Leslie said...

First-time commenter too! I love reading your blog; I've been reading it for over a year as a lurker and had to say hello! I live in Canada and have never been to California and want to make my first trip there this year. I want to visit Laguna Beach after I saw that video you posted!!

I'm sure its going to be so hard to leave your beautiful state but I think you will make new friends and really love Seattle too. I have been there a few times and it is beautiful land. But the weather is going to be an adjustment. Its not nearly as cold as where I live!

I'm looking forward to reading your posts when you move. I understand it if you want to make a blog private but make sure to include me ok??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your acquaintence was a Sybil and doesn't remember reading your blog! What a whacko. Good thing you never became friends.

Anonymous said...

That's harsh, calling someone out like that. But then again, you've yourself admitted you're not very mature. Why should it matter who reads what? You put it out there on a public forum.

karengberger said...

Thanks for the tip; I put a counter on my blog, too. It's so much fun to learn from you more experienced bloggers!
Sorry that you have had icky comments. (I have deleted the ones that seem kind of "odd" from my blog. I like that feature.)

Mindy said...

Another suggestion for those new to the counters, you can block your own IP address so that it doesn't count your visits.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Hmmmm... methinks Anonymous has some "issues".... (!!)

On a much lighter note, I did put sitemeter up on my site. Now I feel like Inspector Clouseau.

moooooog35 said...

It's easy to track who's on your blog.

It's just expensive when you need to hire people to break their knees.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Smileygirl said...

Sorry about that Moooooog. Hope you'll be able to walk again soon.

LBluca77 said...

That is so cool you can track people that have read your blog. It's like being a secret agent.

Missy said...

Oh we definitely need a support group. I have dealt with cat pee for so long that it has became a part of my daily routine. My Mona cat was a stray that found me 8 years ago by sneaking into my house and I've loved her unconditionally ever since. We thought in the beginning that she had urinary tract infections frequently, but oh noooo we couldn't have been so lucky. Turns out our little Mona has behavior issues and spent some much needed time in kitty therapy. The diagnosis in the end is she has a serious issue with change and I'm talking any kind of change. Well, you can pretty much guess there is some sort of change in my house everyday. When I read about your use of shower curtains I thought BRILLIANT! I've been shelling out for puppy pee pads for way too long!