Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chipped Tooth and Slash Eye

Here are photos of the motley crew but it was hard to capture Chipped Tooth's chipped tooth because he wouldn't sit still:

Wrigley has a chipped tooth. He had a play date with a buddy, also named Wrigley, a chocolate lab, and perhaps things got a little out of hand. We need to take him into the vet who will refer us to a doggie dentist which I'm sure is going to cost a pretty penny.

So, in light of this, Tom and I now have renamed Wrigley to "Chipped Tooth". Sounds tribal doesn't it? I think Wrigs likes it. He's starting to respond to it.

We'll say things like, "Did you feed Chipped Tooth?" or if Wrigs walks up to the couch to say hello Tom will greet him with, "Hey there Chipped Tooth" or today on our evening walk I said, "Chipped Tooth is about to take a dump. Do you have a poo bag?"

And Chumley had a slash under his eye last week. It's mostly healed but you can still see a little bit of it. So now we have Chipped Tooth and Slash Eye living amongst us.

Chipped Tooth just ran through the screen door and broke it. OMG it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I literally fell to the ground laughing. Tom does not think it is funny. But me and Slash Eye got quite a kick out of it.


ChiTown Girl said...

Is there a legit reason to get this tooth fixed? Is it purely cosmetic? I suppose we wouldn't want Slash Eye to have any ammo to tease him with, huh?

So glad you guys are OK after the quake. It's been all over the news today out here.

karengberger said...

What an eventful time you are all having, with injuries, the earthquake, the move, etc. Now, I wonder why it wasn't Slash Eye who ran through the screen door, considering his injury? Maybe you can post photos of the two "pirates." (I can picture Chumley with an eyepatch right now. Bev might go crazy for that look).

Anonymous said...

How did Slash Eye happen? We've had the screen door happen a few times around here too.