Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wrigs is ball free!

There doesn't appear to be a golf ball lodged in his tummy. He is much better today, no throwing up, no signs of lethargy and he left a monster sized soft-serve-cone style poop in the yard this morning. So there's definitely NOT anything standing in the way of his intestines. Yay!

Speaking of golf balls, my friend sent me an email this morning (I'm sure we've all seen it) the one where it says, "The last picture I ever took" and it's all sorts of people in various situations about to succumb to death either by falling off a cliff, getting eaten by a shark, trampled by a bull, or...this??

Does anyone else not realize how fake this is? The guy is PUTTING for corn's sake! Since when does a 3 foot putt go blasting into mid air at speeds high enough to actually kill someone. Come on already! Made me mad.

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