Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I survived the power outage of 11-20-07

Snap Doodle! The power's back on!!

The electricity went out at exactly 9:03am. I know that because I was looking right at the clock on the cable box and thought, "phew, it's after 9:00, maybe it won't go out this early after all." and then bam the numbers disappeared. Luckily I had just finished blow drying my hair otherwise I would have been freezing for the rest of the day. No power = no heat. And even though the forecast called for high 60's- low 70's that does not mean it stays warm in this house. Our bathroom temperature this morning was 58 degrees. Our house is ridiculously cold and stays this way as soon as the temp drops below 60. Those of you may recall from last year, that I usually wear a knit cap, scarf and gloves for the majority of the winter while inside the house. It's actually much warmer outside than it ever is in our house. I even knitted myself a nose cozy because my nose is always red and feels like an ice cube. I haven't busted it out yet this year, but it's only a matter of time. So today was pretty productive despite the lack of power (and transportation). I headed downstairs at 9:04 and figured I'd boil some water for coffee. I have instant so all I needed was hot water. Well I didn't realize our gas stove was affected by the power outage so no coffee for me (though Tom told me I could light a match under the stove which would ignite the flame but NO thanks.) Instead I did it like they do in The Waltons and walked up to the bagel shop and ordered a non-fat decaf latte and a bagel for breakfast. Then I came home and put on a fire because the house was freezing and I lit all sorts of pumpkin, cider and gingerbread candles and started wrapping and bow tying. I also had my trusty 1982 battery operated radio set to the Christmas station. Both animals were within striking distance, Chum on the kitchen table, attacking the bows and shiny ribbon and Wrigley laying under my feet occasionally popping up for a few swipes of Chumley's paw.

About two hours into wrapping I had to take a break because after hunching over for that long, I had a hard time straightening up. I stretched and twisted myself into a pretzel and felt much better. Listening to the Christmas station today inspired me, so I sat at the piano for a while and started to compose. My beast of a piano definitely needs a tune up and odds are it will take a few visits from the Piano Man before it's tuned in key, but until then it still manages to provide some moments of reflection and relaxation. And Chumley and Wrigley could not have been a better audience. Wrigs fell asleep on the couch while I played and Chum started to close his eyes on the staircase. What's that saying? Music tames the savage beast? Well it definitely holds true in this house. In fact, my playing often puts Tom to sleep too.


Melanie Overett said...

Seriously Laura- I am reading your blog and you are making me VERY depressed. So sorry about your power outage- but I am more sorry that you have the majority of your xmas shopping done- AND are already wrapping. What the heck?!?!!
Please please share your shopping secrets with the rest of us.

e said...

What do you and your husband do for a living? found you through Karyn's site... love your posts!

Smileygirl said...

Hi Mel! I am STILL laughing about the night at Jessica's. I should really censor and post our conversation on this blog. That night was so much fun. As for the xmas shopping Tom and I do it all in one day (no offense family but it's the day all employees get the biggest discount!) We've been doing this for 10 years, we have a list and go our separate ways and then meet about 2 hours later and see what we got. We pretty much get it all done in less than 3 hours. This is just the first year we did it this early. Usually it's after Thanksgiving.
I still have some little odds and ends to get here and there but all of our out of town family presents are wrapped and ready to go. God, I sound like I'm gloating. I don't mean to but Yipeee! It's done! Hey I want to post your jewelry link on here.

Smileygirl said...

Hi e from Karyn's site. Welcome! My husband is the stable one in the bunch and works for Nordstrom on the merchandising side. Been with them since college. I am self employed and have been freelancing in the tv/film industry (production, writing and acting) and am working on a few projects that I am very passionate about. I also do contract work for a couple natural product companies, one based in Chicago and the other out here.

In my past life (before moving to the west coast) I was a computer geek and designed high speed networks for companies all over the world. I realized while in my second post graduate networking course that this just wasn't for me. I'm still a geek, yes, but I just wasn't feeling the passion for my work.

Also Karyn and I used to work together YEARS ago at the Jenny Jones show in Chicago. Now that place was a nut house!

e said...

Wow, that is some life! Very interesting! I just graduated from University, and my major was Theatre. I now work for CBC Television (Kind of like the ABC/NBC of Canada)
Great blog!!! I check it every day!

Smileygirl said...

e from CBC: Congrats on graduation! What an exciting time of life for you. Just enjoy every moment of it. And thank you for your kind comments on the blog. Glad you enjoy it! Are you anywhere near Vancouver? I lived there for a summer back in '89? I think? Wow. I just realized that was almost 20 years ago. It's amazing how fast life whizzes by.