Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ass Kickin' Jingle Dog

We had a VERY odd solicitor come to the house last night. He rang the bell right before we were about to leave for my birthday surprise and when I opened the door I was overcome by the smell of pot. The smell was all over him and came shooting out of his mouth when he spoke. He was dressed very sloppily and was asking for money for some work study program and I told him we were not interested but he would not leave and continued to talk over me. He kept talking and started to raise his voice so Tom came to the door (with a hammer in his hand - not intentionally, he was hanging the bathroom mirror) to see what was going on and instantly told him no thanks but the guy wouldn't shut up. He kept trying to look inside the house. I was freaked. I was holding Wrigley back because he was trying to lunge at this guy. I told him that the dog's not very happy right now and he could see for himself that Wrig's was trying to get out of my grip so he finally turned around and walked away but milled around in the driveway for a few seconds. It was all very strange. But thank GOD for Wrigs. 90% of the time he is the BIGGEST LOVER and just wants to lay on top of people. But I've seen him a few times now, get very anxious and agitated by certain people and last night was one of those times. Whether he could sense that I was upset or whether he got a vibe from this guy on his own, he definitely did not like the situation. And he was a bad ass! (even though he was still sportin' the jingle dog collar!) Nice to know we've got 2 ass kickers in this house!

One time when Wrigs was a puppy we went for a walk and he literally pulled me across the street with all his fuzzy puppy strength. I kept saying "Wrigley??? What's up?? What is wrong?" And when we got across the street he barked and barked baring his teeth and snarling (which I had never seen up until this point) at the house we would have passed. There were roofers up on the roof of the house and they turned around and started cat calling and saying some rather stereo-typical construction guy type things. I continued to walk and ignore them but how the heck did Wrigley sense this before the guys even said or did a thing? I was pretty amazed.

And then another time we were outside at a coffee shop and there were tons of people around reading, walking, playing with their kids etc. Well in the crowd of people there were 2 maintenance guys cleaning out the trash bins. Wrigley stood up and stared at the one and assumed a "Pointer dog" position. At first I was laughing at him and then all of the sudden he went FRICKING APE SHIT. I have NEVER seen him like this. His leash was attached to the heavy rod iron outdoor table and he lunged sooo fast that he actually moved the table. He was ferocious and was barking soo furiously that foam was spraying out of his mouth. He looked like a rabid dog. The same kids that had just played with him 5 minutes before were now running to their parents for cover. I apologized to the people around me for his behavior and said I have never seen him like this! He would not stop barking and trying to get at this guy so I packed up my stuff and started to leave. I could not even hold his leash on my own. Another man came over to hold him back and as I was apologizing yet again he said, "Your dog doesn't like that guy." I said that I sensed that too but he's never been this aggressive before so I'm just a little nervous. The guy he was barking at looked over a couple times and made sort of a tsk tsk tsk sound to Wrigley and I swear to God I thought the devil was going to come out of this dog. Once the bad guy was out of Wrigley's sight he started to calm a little. He could not have been sweeter, giving me his paw, licking my face, giving his paw to the guy who helped me hold him back, licking his face too. The parent's of the kids told me there was no reason to apologize he's just acting on instinct and for whatever reason he didn't like that guy. Well then no sooner does that guy appear again, this time quite a distance away and the same exact thing happened again. Sweet innocent face licking Wrigs turned into the devil dog hound from hell yet again. This time I packed up my stuff and dragged a seething Wrigs to the car. I told Tom about it and that I felt like I should have this guy followed because he could be a serial killer or have a trunk full of shrunken heads in his car. I am convinced these animals have another sense that we as humans do not possess.


ChiTown Girl said...

I didn't notice until I clicked on the photo to enlarge it that Chum is in your arms, too. How did you pull off that death-defying feat? What a wonderful picture of all of you! I forget how stunningly beautiful you are sometimes.

Smileygirl said...

OMG you are totally making me laugh!

I can't wait for you to come out here and visit because I am going to put you in a room with Chumley and video tape for all the world to see! Ok seriously, I can't even joke about that. Could you even imagine? He could be one of the final challenges on Fear Factor (is that show still even on?) "For One MILLION dollars, you have to sit in a 4x4 room with Chumley for 10 minutes! Are you ready?" That's when all the contestants throw their hands up and walk away after they've already eaten 50 hissing cockroaches, walked through fire, and bungee jumped off the Empire State building.