Friday, November 30, 2007

Give us a toothpick, we'll give you a drinking game

Tom got me the Traffic gauge a couple years ago when I had to commute roundtrip to Studio City back in '05-'06 (130 miles roundtrip). This thing is a GOD send. Love it. It shows you all the major freeways and updates the traffic conditions every 5 minutes. No lines mean the coast is clear, a solid line means there's some slow spots but nothing worth road raging about and blinking lines mean you may as well just put your car in park and walk. So today we had torrential rain storms and this afternoon we had to drive to Laguna because we left our credit card at the restaurant a couple nights ago. We get in the car and because of the rain the traffic gauge is flashing like crazy. All of the freeways were gridlocked. Tom says, "Hey let's bring this thing inside later tonight during rush hour and watch it!" I laughed out loud almost spitting out my gum and then told him that, "As exciting as that sounds, I really don't wish to spend my Friday night curled up on the couch clutching the traffic gauge, watching the flashing lights." He then says, "We could make a drinking game out of it?" My eyebrows raise slightly. "Go on." I tell him. He continues, "We could do a shot everytime we see a new flashing light come on. We're not the ones stuck driving so we can drink, come on it will be fun!" I said if we were to throw back shots we would be throwing them up after 7 minutes. It's Friday night and we're talking LA traffic. So we decided a sip would suffice. We're going out to dinner tonight with my sis and bro-in-law and you can bet traffic gauge will be right there with us.

On Wednesday, Tom gave me this ornament below for my birthday. When you pull the string music plays and the characters move their arms and bobble their heads and Rudolph's nose lights up. As were watching this little musical show I told Tom that we should play a drinking game with this and have a drink everytime Rudolph's nose lights up. And he said, "Leave it to you to turn a Christmas ornament into a booze fest." Perhaps we're spending too much time together.

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