Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Living like the Waltons

In less than an hour I'll have no power for the day. The city is doing some work on our power grid so we will be without power from 9am to 4pm. Also, I have no car so I can't leave the house. My brakes went out on my car this weekend and it's in the shop with a $2100 estimate in repairs thus far. And just last month I had my car in the shop twice, totally $1000. I really love these unexpected financial surprises right before the holiday season.It's like an early Christmas present to me in a way. We about finished all our Christmas shopping so I had planned on taking the day to lug out the holiday gift wrap and bows and wrap and pack til my hands fall off. I also thought I could start addressing Christmas cards but that would entail me physically having the cards here to address, which I do not. Although there is a Hallmark in walking distance so I could venture out and see what they have. And I need to start making the Thanksgiving stuffing so I could also walk to the grocery store and get the fixin's for that. I have a fantastic stuffing recipe that I'll post on here later when I find it. Either way I'm sure I'll keep busy doing something that doesn't require the use of electricity.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, congrats on the Christmas shopping. I haven't even really started yet. I picked up a couple of things Sunday, but nothing of substance. Ugh! I'm dreading it this year. I did get a huge pile of sale papers today, so I plan to at least start a list, so maybe I can hit the early morning sales on Thursday and Friday.