Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the birthday sky

once there was a girl
with cotton candy hair
her cheeks round and rosy
her freckled skin, fair.

and once a year at birthday time
something special would occur
more than cake and presents,
it was God's gift just for her.

the night before her special day
as her father passed her by
he'd whisper to her softly,
"let's see your birthday sky."

they'd stroll into the cold night air
together hand in hand,
looking at the world above
to see what God had planned.

sometimes there'd be stars
other times a big bright moon
and when there were clouds she'd ask,
"will we have a snowstorm soon?"

"all of this is just for you"
is what he'd always say
"the angels are working hard tonight
so you'll have a special day."

she'd stare up at the sky and smile
even if it rained...
"tomorrow they'll be a rainbow"
she'd hopefully proclaim.

he'd say it's time to make a wish
the angels are now listening
she'd find a star and wish away
her eyes so bright and glistening.

hand in hand they'd walk back home
it's time to get some sleep...
when he asked her what she wished for
she'd just smile and kiss his cheek.

many years have gone and sadly,
her father has now passed,
but every year at birthday time
this memory will last.

she strolls into the cold night air
as a tear drops from her eye,
she knows her father's watching
from the birthday sky.


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Happy birthday, sweet Laura. May you have a thousand.

Solus Puella said...

Sweet. Got tears reading. Just found your blog by "accident" from a Chris Isaak link. We have that in common. That and penchant for laying our move or our lives on our blog. Looking forward to reading more!

Solus Puella said...

Oops! To read, "....most of our lives...." hence, name of my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm crying now too. Happy Happy birthday and many beautiful skies...

Smileygirl said...

thanks you guys. the sky was absolutely incredible last night and I have more pics to share. sorry for the tears though! I had my share of them yesterday, hence the reason for the poem.

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, my dear sweet friend!!! And thanks for the tears ;-) I hope you were able to focus on the those that love you that are still here.

Bridget said...

That is so beautiful - cherish your memories and have a happy day :)
P.S. Enrique time in almost one week!!