Friday, November 23, 2007

It's snowing!!

well sort of...the Santa Anas have really started to pick up this afternoon and leaves are blowing all over the place and it reminds me of snow! For once it's actually colder outside than it is in our house and with the winds blowing it's about 62 degrees right now. And tonight it's supposed to drop down to 41! That's crazy cold! We just may have to turn on the heat before we go to bed. So I'm sitting here at my desk (procrastinating yet again) as I'm watching the leaves blow around pretending it's snow. I really miss the first snow of the season. Especially once it starts to cover the ground and the sky turns a colorless gray as the flakes double, then triple in size and number and you can't see anything but a steady downpour of glistening white.

Oh well. For now, I guess these falling leaflets will have to do...

The camera wasn't really able to capture it as well as I could see it in person so if you can't see anything I'm sorry. I decided to step outside to the front porch and of course once I started filming the wind died down. But I'll post it on here anyway because I already uploaded it to youtube...

(update: I just watched both of these videos again and aside from the kid screaming in the second one, these have got to be the 2 most boring videos ever uploaded in the history of youtube. I really should remove this entire post but I won't because it's just too boring not to share. Does that make sense? I don't think so. I'm a little out of it today.)

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