Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost a Fugitive

I frequent one of those gas stations that's got a cute little cafe and gift shop attached. You could practically do all of your Christmas shopping in there with the assortment of goodies they have inside. So after I got my gas and paid with my debit card outside I popped in for a small cup of coffee, needing a little refueling myself. It was so shnazzy with all sorts of sparkling jewels, handbags, and even a pretty decent assortment of wines. The coffee station is self serve so I grabbed my cup and filled it up then browsed through the aisles for a few minutes. The cashier lady kept looking at me and I thought to myself, "Does she think I'm going to steal something?" It was kind of annoying so I said to myself "Forget this" and headed out the door.

On my way home I stopped at Staples for some office supplies and as I opened my wallet in the check out line I realized HOLY SH!T I didn't pay for my coffee!!! I told the sales guy what happened and he laughed and said that I had better go back (which of course I was going to do anyway) because they have it all on camera and can get my license plate number too! So I high tailed it back to the station and rushed in apologizing to the cashier lady. She was very understanding about it all and said, "I kept looking at you, wondering when you're gonna pay for your coffee!" So I gave her $2 and left feeling a little better knowing that I wasn't going to be hauled away in hand cuffs. But the thing is, I know for a fact that I've done this before (possibly several times) at other self serving coffee stations. Usually I'm with Tom and he'll say as I'm walking out with the cup in hand, "Did you pay for that?" and I do an about face and head back inside.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my freakin' God!!! Only you!!! That's going on my list of favorite "Laura's a dork!" stories!!

Anonymous said...

Are you retarded?