Wednesday, November 21, 2007

we need help

Wrigley HATES going outside. I mean he absolutely DESPISES being outside for more than 2 seconds. Not to be gross but poo has to be hanging from his rear before he decides to venture outside and snap it off in the yard. So Tom and I have to get creative in an effort to coax him outside to do his business. Tom usually stands by the door and shouts in a militant tone, "DO A POO!" My method is to go outside, stand on the patio and hop around alternating my feet in the air while flailing my arms wildly about my head making this crazy alien sounding "bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop" noise. That usually gets Wrigley all excited so he comes running outside to hump me, then I ward him off and tell him to poo. Although it didn't work tonight, Wrigley wouldn't budge. But I'm certain my neighbors watching from their bedroom now have 100% confirmation that we are completely off our rockers.


Jennifer Ellena said...

perhaps if you go out there and poo on the grass, he'll get the hint.

ChiTown Girl said...

Jennifer, you just made me laugh out loud!! The sad thing is, I wouldn't put it past Laura to try your suggestion!

Smileygirl said...

That method only worked when he was a puppy.