Sunday, November 11, 2007


I kid you not, right now Tom is using a blow torch on the pipes in the bathroom. He got back from Lowe's and was hacking away in the bathroom making sooooo much noise then all of the sudden I smell these noxious fumes. I got up to check on him and he's aiming the flaming torch at the pipes and of course he's not wearing any sort of protective gear on his hands or face. It does not look safe and I'm scared that the house (or my husband) will be ablaze in no time. I told him I was nervous about this and he asked me to please leave and take the dog with me (Wrigs was standing in the doorway barking nervously at the flame thrower-can you blame him?) I told Tom I just wanted to help and to make sure he was being safe and he did not seem happy with my concern for his well being. I told him I don't need a door to hit me in the ass to know when I'm not wanted so Wrigs and I turned and walked away. I guess now's not the time to ask if I can take a photo.

So Wrigs and I are back on the computer, sad and thirsty, praying that the house and husband remain intact.

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