Tuesday, May 18, 2010

this is a...what???

Today at the senior center we were sending "test emails" and I use a big projector screen in the front of the classroom that the seniors refer to while they sit at their desktop stations. I was showing them how to compose emails to someone in their contact list and in the subject field I started to write "this is a test" however, I was a key off in my typing and accidentally wrote:


which was projected on the big screen for all to see.

I also use pics of Chum and Wrigs as attachments when I show them how to open image files and I snapped a pic of Wrigs on the big screen:

And as you can see to the side I already put up their pics on the day we learned how to print.

I have so many more stories to share but Tom just poured some lemoncello so I don't think I'll get to it right at the moment.

p.s. one of my students rides in on a hover round.


ChiTown Girl said...


You totally freakin' rock for all you do with your senior friends. And, I wouldn't give the teat a second thought. None of them probably even noticed, or could even see it!

Karyn said...

But did you talk about teats?