Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy Town, Population: 1 (that's me)

Can't stop laughing at the fact that it's May 21 and I was bundled up like an eskimo on our morning walk. It's 45 degrees but with a breeze (it wasn't really windy) but even a slight breeze off the water makes it feel so much colder. I guess I'm reaching a new level of insanity because I find this to be bizarre yet hilarious to be wearing mittens in May. But then people tell me this is not unusual at all. Apparently last summer was a fluke because it typically stays cold through June. I think that's hilarious too.

Going to warm up by the fire now before I start my day!!!


karen gerstenberger said...

Which is crazier, to think it's funny, or to think it's normal? =) We're all in this grayscale nut house together!

That dream must have been terrifying (your last post). UGH. I'm so sorry that you had to go through such terror in your dreams. I'm just thankful it's not your waking life, yet it must take the "rest" right out of sleeping. I hope you have better dreams tonight. XO

Smileygirl said...

I think it's better when I think it's crazy because then I feel crazy and can laugh?!? I don't know! But I had a fit of hysterics today and even after I came home I was still laughing! And I'm laughing now even as I type! I have to make you this CD of meditation and mantras I started to try. Have only done 3 so far and WOW. Remember when you came to the senior center with me and my friend Richard, the blind guy, was there? He gave these to me. Pretty powerful stuff. And I didn't have any bad dreams last night. xoxo

karen gerstenberger said...

I'd love to hear them...could use some meditation help these days! =) So glad you had a peaceful night! XOXO

oneandahalfcats said...

The subject of 'crazy' reminds me of something my father used to say to us kids. In response to our asking 'where are you going Dad', he'd sometimes reply, 'crazy', wanna come? :)

FWIW, I have had some of these kinds of dreams and read somewhere once that these are considered 'release' type dreams. Terribly frightening, but a way and means for your mind to experience something horrible for the purposes of releasing strong emotions about something that you are going through? The actions and symbolism not to be taken literally, but representative of some strong emotion(s).

Smileygirl said...

I guess it's better that my mind releases these thoughts when I'm sleeping but the thing is, they still stay with me long after I wake up! And what you said about not taking them literally does make me feel better because sometimes I feel my dreams foreshadow events that might happen so it helps to dismiss them and not look at them as a warning sign of what's to come. It's just scary when they are happening and you really feel the realism at the time. I guess insomnia's not so bad afterall! :)