Saturday, May 29, 2010

it never ends

yet ANOTHER 10 days of this.

You wonder why Seattle has high suicide rates and the highest cases of MS.

Happy F**king Memorial Day weekend.


ChiTown Girl said...

I know it probably seriously pisses you off everytime I say it, but I wish I had 10 days of vacation time I could take to come visit right now! That's sounds like my dream weather.

I just came in from the yard, where I've been gardening/planting for the past 3 hours, and I'm miserable. I had to call it quits at 10:30 cuz it's already too hot. What the hell, I went out at 7:30 AM just to avoid the sun and heat!!

Smileygirl said...

It's dream weather maybe for a week if you are used to constant sunshine but 9 months out of the year is depressing as all hell. I'm not pissed off I'm just at my wit's end because this is fucking nightmare. At this point, I just want the darkness to go away. I'm tired of living in NIGHT all day long.

Grazia said...

i here you. it was *supposed* to be nice this weekend, but yet again - rain. lord. i can't take it either. i think everyone in portland is just in one big, bad mood. everyone i talk to is sick of the, it begs the question: why do we live here?????

Smileygirl said...

Grazia, I have NO idea! NOT By choice that's for DAMN sure!! Everyone here is always huddled up like a turtle hiding from the rain. Do people not realize there is a whole other world that exists out there? This does not have to be this way. But I guess for some of us it does. It was 46 degrees and raining when I walked Wrigs. And it's almost JUNE! I will never get used to this even with medication.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are dealing with that. It isn't you. I can already see it is changing you. We had a lovely day here in the Bay Area....sitting out in a garden and having brunch. I can understand how weather can change a person. For the good or bad. I pray you will be able to find a way to make it back to a place where you are happy. Life is way too short for you to suffer like this. Life shouldn't be like that. You should be where you are most happy....heck, even your name on here is Live Happy. And you look like sunshine. You should live in a place that at least has it!

Figure out a way if you can and get back to a place that brings you peace and happiness. Whatever it takes. One day, you will look back and think of the memories of your past. You don't want them all to be gray. It will all work out. I know it will.

Smileygirl said...

Thank you Leigh Ann. I appreciate your understanding. It may sound trivial but the weather definitely makes up a big part of one's perspective on everything. And I thrive in the sun. I'm just barely hanging on in this place.