Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Seniors say the darndest things...

Funny moments from class:

I was showing the seniors how to navigate Google earth and we zoomed right into the senior center as close as we could go and everyone oohed and ahhed and couldn't get over it. Then one of the new students raised her hand and asked, "Can you please zoom into the parking lot because I'm afraid I'll get a parking ticket. I'm passed the time limit." I LOVE this woman. I told her that google isn't THAT far advanced yet but that is a GREAT idea for the future.

There's also a new woman who is PETRIFIED of computers. We talked during the break and she said her father was verbally abusive to her when she would try to learn new things and didn't quite pick them up right away. Computers have always intimidated her and she has shied away from them for decades. So now here she is facing her biggest fear and I'm so proud of her. I said, the worst part is already behind you, you make the decision to show up to every class and the fact that you're here shows tremendous courage. I let her know that she can learn at her own pace and if she ever feels frustrated or anxious, she can take a break and walk away or if need be, curse out loud - whatever it takes to help her relieve stress will be ok. She's only had 2 classes and is already becoming so comfortable and at ease. I love seeing that!

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