Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dog speak and such *update*

*So I think I'm going to stop feeding Chum the dog food...

found this under the dining room chair. Then in the middle of cleaning this up Chum starts making those awful guttural hurling sounds and he spewed all over the living room. Poor guy. And yesterday when I came home our house smelled soooo bad but I never found the source. I'm thinking it might have been under the dining room table and Wrigs may have gotten to it shortly thereafter.*


"Wrigs doesn't get a C-O-O after a W-A"


"Wrigs doesn't get a cookie after going on a walk."

For those of you who have a dog, you understand this is how you have to speak.

After our walk this evening Wrigley ran to the pantry and started barking. Tom opened the door as if to give him a cookie and that's when those words came out. I went on to say that taking Wrigs for a W-A does not warrant a C-O-O because going on a W-A is already a special T-R (T-R is short for treat which is Chumley's buzz word and Chumley was sitting by the pantry next to Wrigs squawking for a morsel as well) and Wrigs only gets C-O-O's as rewards or after a B-A. (bath) Tom says Fine.

And anytime we give one animal a C-O-O or T-R the other will be right there within mili-seconds either barking or bellowing for their fair share. And always after Wrigs has a bath we'll usually give him a few cookies and maybe even a bone and Chumley will sit, waiting for his treat and of course I always give him a few too and Tom will say, "Why does he get any? He didn't do shit!" And it's true, he didn't get a bath and have to sit through a blow dry or nail trim, but still he gets his T-R's.

We also have a slew of other words specific to the animals but I'll save that for another day.

Chum's back on antibiotics (he woke up the other day not wanting to eat so right away I knew something was off) and his appetite has been pretty light. I've tried a couple different foods mixed in with his existing food and finally found something he LOVES. I was telling my sister about it because she has a finicky older cat with some issues so I went to the fridge to grab the can and give her the name.

I said,

"The brand is Halo and it's called Spot's Stew, and I got him the Chicken recipe. It comes in an orange can and there's a dog on the front. Wait. There's a dog on here?!?"

I'm feeding Chum dog food. And of course, he LOVES it.

I found a pic of the food, take a look and see what you think? Look how small the "for dogs" writing is on the left hand side of label. And yes, the fact that there's a big yellow dog smack dab in the middle should have been another clue but really, couldn't they have made the words DOG FOOD a bit bigger? Plus I'm looking for low protein rich foods so the first thing I do is look at the back of the can so really so I wasn't focusing on the label. And the store I purchased this is really small and some of the cat and dog foods are lumped together by brand so this is a mistake anyone could have made, right? But now Chum goes crazy for Spot's Stew so I'll continue to mix it in with his usual food just to keep him eating.


Anonymous said...

Then when you want them to hear specific words you have to say them in a shrill voice that goes up in octaves with each syllable. I may have to try the Halo with Sadie. She needs low protein as well now.

Rebekah said...

I believe Ellen DeGeneres owns the Halo company.

Lindsey said...

we always say we are wacking the digs. eventually they will catch on to it but for now it works! I really enjoy your blog!

karen gerstenberger said...

LOL - so THAT's how this happened. (I'm not LOL at the results, just the "how it happened" part.) God bless you - you're such a good mom!

karen gerstenberger said...

(I'm referring to the dog food/cat food mix-up)

Anonymous said...

You can't even see it says dog food on the can. They should of put it in the middle of the label in big letters. Too hard to read!