Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hairline pics

this is one of the receding parts on my right side.

and this morning when I awoke at my usual time of 3:30 am, an infomercial for this product was playing so I ordered it.

I'm glad this product exists, but I'm not exactly jumping for joy that Joan Rivers and I share similar female pattern baldness issues.

My hair is coming out in clumps from that side and if this keeps up, I will be bald by the fall.

(p.s. i found the product cheaper on this site.)


ChiTown Girl said...

OMG, my sister was just telling my mother about this stuff on Mother's Day. She's got some thinning going on kinda all over. :(

Did you make an appointment yet to see a doctor? I have a feeling this is directly related to the tremendous stress you've been under since you've moved to Seattle. Get it checked out.

ChiTown Girl said...

oh, by the way, the second link doesn't work, it just goes back to your page.

Smileygirl said...

Oh thanks L, I fixed the second link. I hope. And yes this has all been related to this move and the lack of sunshine the last 9 months. It can happen to dogs too.


explains why Wrigs refuses to go out in the rain!

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding. That's not right.

karen gerstenberger said...

Ok, I can see this pic a lot better than the other one. Have you noticed this before, or did it start recently? I'm with ChiTown - can you get in to see your doctor? I think some tests would help them to know how to help you best. XOXO

Julie said...

Now, I don't mean to pile on to what I know is an already touchy subject, HOWEVER, my sister had a cat when we were in college that pulled out all of the fur he could reach because he was depressed because of all the rain we had that summer. I'm just saying....I see some parallels. the vet suggested we shave him. His theory being that by the time the hair grew back, it would have stopped raining and he would no longer be depresses. Apparently, being a shaved bald cat isn't as depressing as rain.

Smileygirl said...

I see the parallels from lack of consistent sunlight for sure. And animals can definitely get seasonal depression too and react in strange ways. I'm praying that summer will help whenever it comes and then I'll figure out what to do/how to cope after that. I can't go through another fall/winter/spring. 2 years is PLENTY to realize that I'm only going to get worse.

J-Mom said...

I've been losing my hair for years. It never got better during pregnancy either, even with all the prenatal vitamins. I also have a bunch of baby hair, and this looks like it's where your baby hair maybe used to be? I have VERY little hair in those same areas and that's where the majority of the baby hair (or lack thereof) is. I've never tried using any hair growth products, but have definitely looked into it.