Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Where's the Edit button?

Quick story from yesterday...

When I got to work I was told that my boss was in the hospital and may have to undergo emergency back surgery. We had a lot of business to take care of (especially if the surgery was going to happen) so we had to have a meeting in his hospital room. So I drive to the hospital, (it's right off the coast in Newport Beach and it's more like a spa/resort) grab some coffee at the Zen cafe then make my way towards the patient elevators.

As I approach, the doors of one elevator bank start to close so I sprint over and stick my arm through about an inch, then get scared and quickly pull back. A doctor walks up and says, "Nice try." I told him, "I was afraid it would chop off my arm but I guess I'm in the right place if it did. I probably wouldn't need to call 911." He said, "No you wouldn't, a few screams is all it would take." We shared a chuckle, then as another door opened we went in along with two elevator maintenance men. They said that as long as your arm extends passed the metal part of the door and hits the inside part where the beams transmit, the doors would re-open. I told them I just got spooked but next time, "I'll be tough and won't pull-out prematurely." Yep, those were my choice of words. I was the first to exit the elevator and as soon as I did, they broke out in laughter.

Dirty minded pervs.


Christina Shaver said...

OMG!! I am laughing my pants off!

ChiTown Girl said...

would those pants be on backwards by any chance?