Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This woman..

Dorothy Lucey

Drives me FLIPPIN' NUTS!!! Can't you just do the news without blabbing about your stupid son Nash??? OMG she's sooo irritating. I have to change the channel when she starts going off about her ever lovin' kid or whatever personal dilemma she feels the need to discuss while on the air because she makes my head hurt. It's really too bad because I love Steve and even Jillian but I'd rather have a double root canal without novacaine topped off with a pap smear than listen to this ingratiatingly annoying "news anchor".


ChiTown Girl said...

ok, I have no flippin' clue who the hell this is, but just her picture alone annoys me!!!

emilyr90210 said...

oh man... does that ever make me miss Good Day Live... I'm from Canada.. and obviously LOVE Jillian Barberie... but now I can't watch her cause they cancelled Live... nice to know though, that you can still catch Good Day L.A, you are SO lucky!!