Monday, March 10, 2008

The Dentist

I survived the dentist and all of the drilling but now I have Mary Jo Buttafuoco mouth. Every dentist I've ever been to has been amazed at how many shots of novacaine it takes to get me numb. My body metabolizes the 'caine so quickly because of the heightened level of anxiety that takes over as soon as I sit in the chair. All of this stems from one bad experience years ago when an inexperienced dentist kept on drilling even after I told her I could still feel the drill on the tooth (she had given me several shots of novacaine but they wore off after about 10 minutes). It wasn't until she struck a nerve and I jolted my head back while the drill was still whizzing which sliced the entire left side of the inside of my cheek. The dentist left the room in tears while I remained pretty calm but when she returned I told her that I really wish she would have believed me. I made sure to look as pitiful as I could while spitting up blood and cheek matter into the tiny sink. She was too distraught to complete the job so she asked her partner to finish up. He loaded me up with more shots and nitrous and it was then that I decided to boycott all things dental.

That lasted several years but I was fortunate enough to find another dentist I LOVE in Chicago and now I've found another great one here in S. Cal. I still go back to Chicago for cleanings but I prefer to have any major work done closer to home. So the novacaine is starting to wear off and I can feel some discomfort on the bottom of my jaw even though the filling was on a top tooth. That makes no sense. I'm not supposed to chew on the right side for several hours and I need to avoid extreme hot and cold food/drink. I think the only thing left for me to do is pour a nice glass of room temperature red wine.

And is it just my experience or are all receptionists at dentist's offices named Patty and do all hyginiests look like this?


ChiTown Girl said...

First, the Mary Jo comment (and photo!) just confirms your seat next to me on the express train to Hell!! Next, shouldn't your dentist have that mask up over his mouth while he's working on YOUR mouth?! Sorry to hear about the dental trauma. Novocaine doesn't work for me either, so that, combined with my phobia with needles, is why I have my dental work without drugs. I've had a root canal done with nothing, just to avoid the needles!

Christina Shaver said...

I'm sorry that novacaine doesn't work for you, because that is a sorry, sorry place to be especially when drilling is involved!!!!!! Yikes. Sounds like you got enough this time and I'm glad you found a good dentist out there.

I think I'm the opposite of you when it comes to novacaine. Not only does it numb the area, it also makes me completely loopy. I love it, love it, love it.

Hey. I'm toasting you with a glass of red wine right now. Here's to good dental hygiene!

Anonymous said...

Um, first of All hygentists do look like that. Secondly- you're so funny. I fly home to wisconsin and get my dental work done. I don't trust a lot of the dentists out here. I might have to get your doc's number though. lol

Merlot Chic said...

I think red wine is the cure all!!!
Enjoy and feel better!!!